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LINK TO TAKE ONLINE  PAFP course  "Introduction to Fire Police"

Fire Police Training Courses Available In Pennsylvania

Basic Fire Police "BFPO" (16hrs)

Advanced Fire Police "FIPA"(16hrs)

Legal Concepts For Fire Police (16hrs)

Public Relations For The Fire & Emergency Services  (16hrs)

Communications and Public Relations For Fire Police "CPFP" (16hrs)

Emergency Response For Fire Police "ERFP" (16hrs)

Fire Police In Non-emergency operations "NEFP" (16hrs)

Fire Police Misconceptions (4hrs)

Emergency Vehicle Operator Training "EVOT"(16hrs)

Traffic Incident Management (4hrs)

Intro to Fire Service Traffic Control  (1hr)

Safe Fire Service Control Practices (1hr)

Traffic Incident Management System  (4hrs)

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